Lover’s Thigh Harness



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This sexy Lover’s Thigh Harness lets your partner ride your thigh as they sit on top of you! It’s made out of durable, stretchy neoprene. The material is smooth and provides padding. It’s also absorbent in case they get really, really wet! Two velcro straps are on the back so you can easily put it on, take it off, or adjust it. It has a built-in, 1.5 inch O-ring already so you can easily slip in most strapon dildos and play! Machine wash in cold water to preserve elasticity; tumble dry on low. You can also hand-wash if you prefer.

Have your partner choose their favorite dildo, then slip it into the harness. As you strap it on your thigh, make sure it fits snug but not too tight. As they climb on, lube up the dong and invite them to use any toys they like., As they grind on you and ride you, enjoy being able to kiss them and play with them as they pleasure themselves and climax!


  • Overall: 22 inches Length x 10.75 inches Width.
  • Adjusts from 15 inches to 21 inches thigh circumference.
  • O-ring inner diameter: 1.5 inches.

    Materials: Neoprene

    Color: Black

    Key Features:

  • Soft Neoprene: This soft, durable, stretchy neoprene is similar to wetsuit material and not only provides some padding, it is absorbent, too!
  • Velcro Adjustable: There are 2 velcro straps so you can enjoy a comfortable, custom fit that is easy to adjust.
  • Built In O-ring: There is an 1.5 inch O-ring already built in so you can slip most strapon dildos through.
  • Machine Washable: Make cleaning and care easy with a machine washable harness! Wash with cold water only to preserve elasticity.
  • Weight 0.4 lbs


    Lover’s Thigh Harness