[Info] How to make money from using a Crypto Browser

I am so happy to inform you guys about this great news about using a browser ans getting paid. A few weeks ago i saw the need to get a faster browser and during my search i found a browser called BRAVE, which was said to be more faster and saver than chrome and Mozilla which we all know.
Let me quickly tell you something small about my self. My name is Clauson Hanner, 19 years old and i am a student of Sunderland university, England. am studying Computer Science and i am a Website developer.
At a later time, during feather search on achieving my thirst of increasing my browser speed, lo and behold i stumbled on this GREAT NEWS. Crypto Browser.
I was moved to find out more about it and to be sure what they about it all is true so i don’t get my self into the hands any form of scammers, upon reading feather i realized it was genie, authentic and so simple ” Browser While You Get Paid”. I couldn’t just stop smiling, I was like oh ma gosh…. so they mean while i browse, i just get paid… just like that..
My feather search gave me more enlightenment on this browse and make money news i just found, that its actually in two parts which is
1. make money from just using the browser to browser, just like how you would use any browser on a normal day on your computer or laptop.
2. You also earn more cash from referrals, just asking others to also download the Crypto Browser and using it.

Now, i noticed that the browser is actually called Crypto Tab and it works perfectly and runs fast just as i was looking for so i gave it a try. The intriguing thing about the brand is they a very strong and solid dashboard platform for monitoring the payment and withdrawals from the system.
I created an account and followed the process to download the free browser software on my laptop and that was it…
The first few days i made some few bucks, and i kept seeing increase as i kept using the browser even without referring anyone yet. Something triggered me to try telling some few friends to give it a try too and i was amazed at how my figures kept running and increasing.

crytpto browser

The interesting thing about this news is that i have only used this miraculous Browser for just 2 weeks with a few referrals and see the results for your self.
Here is a proof…


I have also noticed a lot of people have also gotten hold of it as well and so i decided to make this write up so i can as fast as possible send it to all my friends and loved ones so they can also be a partakers of this wonderful opportunity.
At the end of the day what do we stand to loose, its just a change of browser and if we don’t like it, we could just uninstall it.
But i bet you, since i started sending out this write up i have received a lot of thank you and God bless you all over in my email, DM, Facebook and other platforms on which i shared.
This could be your time and i don’t see why you should be left out of this great opportunity.
This is another Proof after my mining efforts
Join me lets celebrate this new browser for such a great way of getting us to be on our feet even though we might be so tired and perhaps lazy to touch the laptop or computer to work, but for this reason we are getting glued to out laptops.

So if you are looking clearly from my account or dashboard as a proof, you can see that there is a BTC at the end of my balance or the Money i have made. BTC is actually bitcoin which we all know that it is the current form of trading online, but the good thing is that if you do not want to use you earnings to trade online, you can easily withdraw the bitcoin in its equivalent amount in dollars.
From today, use this browser for all your activities after creating and account and see what you make out of it.
Crypto Tab Browser, my new found love…

feel free to ask me anything you do not understand in the comment below.

Click here to be part of this great family >>>>>


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